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I'm pretty sure Beaverton is a community full of well-educated engineers who work at Intel and want to raise their children somewhere quiet and still have a short commute to work. They may or may not like good food when not catering to their children. Who can say about their politics?

Lauren Denneson

I thought I'd come over to your home to say hello and I might suggest the Yarn Garden if you are looking to meet knitters - they have a 'knit nite' on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8:30!


I've been thinking about this same idea for my new year. I was making a slideshow of pictures from 2010 and realized there were very few pictures of people. At the end of this year, I want a slideshow with more people.

I think we can totally do this.


Lauren, thanks for the tip! I've been thinking that there are so many knit nights here, that I am bound to find one where I can make some new friends! Thanks for stopping by.

Shannon, great idea for capturing the year! I will pay attention to my photos as well.


You know...I've found all those things here in Portland, so it is absolutely possible. (We live in close-in SE.) Billy works in SW and has a ten-minute commute by bike. Are your jobs way out there on the west side, or could you maybe have a reasonable commute if you looked closer in on the east side?


Hopefully, I've not offended your Portland friends by teasing about Beaverton. I over-generalised on purpose pretty much describing the only family I know in Beaverton... College room mate.... Kids change everything, and for those who want them it's not a bad thing.


Hi Cari - we really wanted to settle on the east side, but I work at St Vincents, and The Budgie works way out on Hall Blvd deep in Beaverton. I am looking at the Max schedules to see if maybe a near east neighborhood on the Max line might be an option.


beaverton has a good farmer's market, at least one nano brew place is in tigard, there ARE other knitters who live there. And there are korean and indian food places there that should be worth exploring.


I know this is a little (o.k., a lot) late, but you will find your place and it will become "yours" - maybe it will just take a little more time than originally planned. When I relocated from Alaska to B'ham, I gave myself 2 years to feel like it was mine and making friends, etc. In reality, it was more like 4 years. The point is, it happened, and YOU were one of those people!

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