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Wow! They'd been doing this right for at least couple of years and now it's too much effort or not enough profit? What a stinky pile of cat crap! This isn't a problem for me, but I am outraged on your behalf. So I guess save your money for Andina and visit the Hawthorne and Corbett Fish Houses where you're safe. And of course you're always welcome in my kitchen and at my table. It just isn't that hard. Or it shouldn't be.

Jenny Eliuk @ Stay on Path

Oh come on, there's only a LITTLE shrimp stock in that rice pilaf, no biggie!! A little throat-closing never bothered anyone.

Did you hear about the Denver chef who was boasting that he serves gluten to celiacs all the time and "they have no idea because they're idiots"? Douchebags. There's another guy who just got 11 years in prison for buying Costco bagels and repackaging them as gluten-free.


@Ann - I may be coming to Madison the fall. Some folks I really need to see, including you. And i cannot WAIT to be hanging out in your kitchen while YOU cook! :)
@Jen - yeah I did hear about the Denver chef, but not about the costco guy. But, I have to add that it's kind of lame that selling a product falsely labelled warrants more prison time than some physical crimes...


Yay! And I'm assuming you mean the civilized Madison kitchen. Not the makeshift kitchen w/o plumbing @ Willow Springs. I won't gluten you, regardless of where.

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