> **Craftstravaganza!**


Welcome to my Yarn Destashing Sale! I hope you find something you like. I'm selling a lot of nice things here that I've been carrying around for years, meaning to turn into something beautiful. But, with the prospect of being in school for the next few years, comes the realization that I am going to be too busy to get to enjoy it all; since we plan to travel for at least a year after I finish, I need to pare down my life and be free of some of the baggage I'm carrying. This includes years worth of unfinished business - in the next few days, I'll even be adding a few projects that have been languishing in my closet just waiting to be loved again.

Here's some information you might find useful before you start shopping:

*I prefer to use Paypal

*I ship USPS 2nd day. Shipping cost for up to a full bag, which will fit in their standard box,would be US$4.60;

*If you purchase US $25 or more from me, I will include something extra in your package - a set of stitch markers, a single skein of something special, a pattern...

* A word about trades. Some items will say "Open to trades" at the bottom of the description. I am trying to destash, however, there are a few things I can't pass up, or can't get locally. Koigu; Mountain Colours Bearfoot; Alchemy yarns; For the items where I've indicated I'll trade rather than sell, I'd be willing to consider any of these things. Email me and lets make a deal.

I'll be adding a lot of stuff in the next few days, so please come back and see what's new!