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Nicely done!! Congrats to Miss (Blue Ribbon)bRogue (and her caretaker!).

Ann Rocks

Congrats. D's mom recently won 2nd prize on a quilt she made, but somehow the winning quilt was made by the person who arranged for the judge at this little town show. Nice to see that sometimes there isn't favoritism to insiders isn't always a factor.

mason-dixon ann

brilliant!!! congratulations!!! this is so cool. now i'm going to go read your archives about your beautiful rogue.


I've been considering entering some of the local fairs - that is so cool that you won! Congratulations!


Hi blog neighbour! A blue ribbon... wow. That must have been a lovely moment. Going for gold next time?


Wow! Congratulations and Happy Belated Birthday! That's awesome!!!


Wahoooooooooo. Congrats! It's just gorgeous. What yarn did you use?


Congrats!! What a wonderful proud feeling you must have had when you saw that ribbon. You really deserved it your work is beautiful. Yeepee!

Ashley Shannon

Wow, congratulations! Rogue looks beautiful---definitely blue-ribbon-worthy!!


Congratulations... it's such a gorgeous sweater and I do love the colour you made it in.


Beautiful! I love that shade of green


That's so cool! Mazel tov!

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