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Tim Who?

Sounds wonderful. Pot stickers are one of the foods that I enjoy and cam still eat though I'm no longer allowed to fry them. A little too crispy if I do. But I still like them boiled then either dipped in sauce or dropped in an asian soup. Pot stickers rock!


How awesome does this look. I really need to try her recipe- I've been looking at it for a while. :)



BTW I just noticed- did you happen to see the aburage in the refrigerator section? I always buy mine there, and they are pretty tasty IF you soak them in hot water to get some of the oil out first. I haven't tried frozen, actually.... Which reminds me, I have a packet in my refrigerator. I might have to make some!



Oh, yum, yours look delicious! I wanted to make mine vegan (I like to have vegan options for when I have vegan friends over for dinner) so I didn't want to use gelatin, but, while I have never used agar, I will keep it in mind to try out Kates recipe!! And, mushrooms sound like a great addition, the tofu was a bit plain.

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