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Mad Aster

Sounds good, though when I was picturing it in my head before I read your recipe, I was picturing it on a mix of wild rice and brown rice. Love those with leeks and crimini. I was veg at home for years. Now I'm more likely to eat meat at home and veg when out since I can usually have better information about the meat (and about the animals from which it came) I buy either from the farmer or from the organic butcher than I usually can be about meat which shows up on a plate when out. Of course tomorrow is my last day of cooking for the next few weeks, so I will be living vicariously by food blogs. Don't let me down on Fridays!

Tim Who?

"(i.e. "mashed potatoes are not a healthy dinner")"

Now you tell me!


I'm falling on the side of the mashed potatoes.

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